How to Redirect a Member From Your Main Site to a Subsite

Last Updated: June 7, 2013

I have been playing around with WordPress multisite and recently I have discovered a way to send users from my main site to subsites. This feature will be very useful if you are planning to have your active members/subscribers visit your subsite (where you are still not getting good traffic).


  • Self-hosted WordPress Install (on your own server)
  • WP eMember membership plugin

Set up user redirection

There are two ways to successfully redirect a user to one of your subsites:

  1. Redirect a particular member
  2. Redirect all members from a particular membership level

Redirect a particular member

Go to WP eMember->Members from your WP dashboard and select the members you wish to set this option for:

screenshot showing how to edit a member in wp emember membership plugin

Specify a URL to your landing page:

screenshot showing how to redirect a member to a particular landing page

Now when this member logs in they will be redirected to the page specified in the After Login Page URL field.

Redirect all members from a particular membership level

In the membership level settings you can also set a particular URL where all members will be redirect to upon successful login.

screenshow showing how to set a redirection page while creating a new membership level

In the screenshot above I have created a membership level called “Silver”. Now if I specify a URL in the Redirect After Login field all Silver members on my site will be redirected to a different page upon login.


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