How to Get Your Membership Site to Work with bbPress Forum

Last Updated: June 7, 2013

bbPress is a popular forum software that many WordPress users like to use to manage content on their sites. However, not many WordPress membership plugins offer user-friendly integration option with bbPress, making it harder for the web administrators to manage premium forum content.

Recently I have discovered a WordPress membership plugin called WP eMember. After playing around for a while I was able to set up my bbPress forum so it works with this plugin.

This is how I set up my bbpress forum for testing:

screenshow showing how to create a bbpress forum

screenshow showing how to create a bbpress forum topic

bbPress Forum Setup Using WP eMember Membership Plugin

Currently there are three options available in the plugin to successfully protect your bbPress forum content:

  • Protect a particular forum
  • Protect a particular topic
  • Protect the whole forum so only eligible members can view it

Protecting a particular bbPress forum

screenshow showing how to protect a particular bbpress forum using eMember membership plugin

When you create/edit a particular bbPress forum there will be an option which allows you to make this forum (and all topics under this forum) accessible to members from a particular membership.

Protecting a particular bbPress forum topic

If you want to selectively protect some topics you can do so by making a particular topic accessible to a certain membership level.

Protecting the whole bbPress forum

If you are not comfortable keeping your forum content open you can just fully protect it so nobody will be able to view anything unless logged in.

Now when I tried to access the protected content I was denied access.

screenshow showing that this bbpress forum is protected by eMember membership plugin


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